Lolita Fashion

We Love Colors is happy to see our products being used in creative ways, like for Lolita Fashion!

Lolita Cosplay | We Love Colors

Many people think Lolita Fashion is a subgenre of Cosplay, but if you were to ask a Lolita enthusiast, they’d likely disagree with you. Many people who dress in Lolita Fashion simply like the style! Cosplay suggests you are replicating the outfit of a specific character, whereas Lolita is just a type of dress and culture, similar to goth culture.

Lolita originated in Japan but has quickly become an international craze! It’s a mix between Victorian and Edwardian period fashion. The style generally involves a cupcake shaped dress– think kawaii meets fancy pastel tea party! Gorgeous!

Lolita Cosplay | We Love Colors

Laura is someone who is active in the Lolita and Cosplay communities because she really enjoys wearing fun clothing! She told us she became obsessed with colored tights after she watched the first season of “Gossip Girl”. She found us about four years ago when she was searching the internet for a very specific shade of tights for a Cosplay outfit.

Lolita Cosplay | We Love Colors

Since then, she’s built up her wardrobe with We Love Colors tights! She says her favorite color is Dusty Green and favorite style is the Nylon/Lycra MicroFiber Solid Color Tights. You can check out more of Laura’s fabulous outfits on her Instagram!

Lolita Cosplay | We Love Colors

What do you think of Lolita Fashion?

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