Color Psychology

Did you know there’s a whole realm of psychological theories surrounding colors and their effect on our minds? It’s really fascinating. For example, there’s a reason so many of your favorite fast food restaurants use red and yellow — they evoke feelings of hunger!

Every color brings out different moods, feelings, and associations. It can obviously vary from person to person, but we have general ideas of how each color affects everyone.


Pastel colors, as a whole, have their own effect, though! They’re soothing, calming, and full of relief. They make you feel light, soft, and relaxed.

These less saturated friends on the color wheel might appeal to you more or less than their primary or neon counterparts, but we certainly love them at We Love Colors! We also love how you can use color to influence your mood.


Speaking of love, how much do you adore Hayley’s pastel pink outfit she’s sporting in Japan as she poses in front of swan boats? We love the plus sized pastel pink tights she’s paired with a flower patterned dress and her perfectly matched hair.

You can see her entire outfit post on Hayley Fashion.

How do pastel colors make you feel?


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