Bright Butterfly Smiles

This adorable blogger was delighted as she discovered the new styling possibilities with layering socks on tights!  She shows us two different outfits where she wore We Love Colors Yellow Sports Socks and Pastel Mint Nylon Socks Check out her blog, Butterflies on Mars! “..I am not a huge sock fan honestly, I prefer bare feet when I…

Fall Pattern Mix

Dentelle tells us “I know that Mixing Patterns is very “Spring” but I wanted to try it out for fall, to see if it could work. The key is to add boots and black, so that it doesn’t look too flashy. I think I am going to do it more often, I kinda like the…

Celeb Style – Nina Dobrev

Silver screen actress, Nina Dobrev is spotted on CoolSpotters wearing We Love Colors Nylon Socks in Medium Blue!

Toyama, Japan

Kristine of Kristine or Polly Wearing We Love Colors Nylon Socks Style# 1551 in Pastel Mint

I Love Culcha

Frances of Corpulent Wearing We Love Colors Nylon Socks Style# 1551 in Turquoise

Pink Lady

Jessica of Tangled Up in Lace Wearing We Love Colors Solid Color Nylon Socks in light pink


Trendsetter: Kristina Wong of Dreamecho Wearing: We Love Colors Kelly Green Nylon Socks

Kitty and a Cardigan

Louise of Coffee and A Cardigan Wearing: We Love Colors Mint Green Nylon Socks I’ve gotten some flak for wearing this skirt before, and because of that, I haven’t worn it in a long time. Imagine my surprise this morning when I reluctantly put it on and felt so good wearing it! I didn’t feel…

Song in my Heart

Amanda of The Upside of Wonder Wearing: Light Grey Nylon Socks Even though my style is usually pretty fun and cutesy, I try to avoid the school girl look. I’m less than two months from being 21 and I still resemble a 12 year old. I do not want to emphasize that fact by dressing…

Superhero in Socks

Kaylah of The Dainty Squid Wearing: We Love ColorsMicrofiber Tights in lavender and Nylon Socks in peach I wore the purple ones out first, with the socks! I felt like a super hero, it was wonderful.  Despite a kitty jumping up on my lap (thanks ray ray) they didn’t snag. I obviously wouldn’t wear them around the house…

Scout’s Honor

Kendi of Kendi Everyday Wearing: We Love Colors Dusty Green Solid Color Nylon Socks Let’s be honest, I’ve got a little bit of a girl scout look going on here. Troop Beverly Hills to be exact. Only because Jenny Lewis would be in my troop and we could swap clothes.

Abstract Prints

Sally of Already Pretty Wearing: We Love Colors Rust Nylon Socks

Fall in Orchards

Chelsea of Tea Talk Wearing: We Love Colors Maize Nylon Socks Around the area that I grew up in we have rows and rows of orange, and lemon orchards. Growing up I always thought these orchards were so beautiful, and held some sort of magic. I used to love picking oranges from the trees that…

No Occasion

Brittany of Finders Keepers Wearing: We Love Colors Light Tan Nylon Socks Anyways, this is just a casual outfit I wore when I was starting to feel a little sick. I just wanted something comfy and cozy and this outfit did the trick!

Back to Basics

Ragini of A Curious Fancy Wearing: We Love Colors Ivory Nylon Socks for me, that is a cute dress, collar and heels. i think till date i’ve never had an outfit which did not have any lace. wow. i find the look very victorian inspired – i feel like a victorian doll. i wore something…

In the Hoodie

Nubia of Nubia’s Nonsense Wearing: We Love Colors Teal Thigh Highs as knee highs