Red & Royal

Deborah of Amongst the Knick-knacks

Wearing We Love Colors Solid Color Nylon Socks Style# 1551 in Royal


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  1. Hey guys!

    That’s a really cute blog post with very nice colors indeed 🙂

    My name is Fredrik Eklund and I’m the marketing and brand manager for Ugglebo Clogs, whom you may be familiar with. If not, we are one of the oldest clog companies in the world and we still handmake all our products in our factory in Sweden.

    We really like what you are doing on your website, and I think that we have some things that your readers would really like as well.

    As such, I was wondering if we might be able to do something cool for both our readers together?

    If you are interested, would you please get back to me at

    I’d love to hear your thought on the matter.

    Thanks a lot, and have a great day!

    Fredrik Eklund
    Ugglebo Clogs

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