Be Just Who You Are

black tights
colored tights
colored tights

Keiko of Keiko Lynn

Wearing: We Love Colors Black Microfiber Tights

What we do with our appearances and how we dress ourselves is absolutelypersonal. I dress up because it makes me feel good about myself and keeps me motivated. I’ve said it before: I live my life as though it’s a perpetual game of dress up and make believe – that’s what clothing and makeup are to me. They’re a fun little game; a release from the mundane activities of a young adult who has no other substantial outlets. Whether it’s dressing up just to hang out with Miku (or in this case, Snowball and Flower), pretending I need glasses or donning a panda bear on my head, I dress for my own amusement. Isn’t that enough?


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  1. Love the lace on the neckline. Love where you chose to do this shot and the stuffed animals as well as the panda bear hat. Just to be punny, you are “beary” interesting.

  2. laniarose says:

    i love everything about this!! youre adorable(:

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