Lady Grey

Danielle of Danimezza Wearing: We Love Colors Charcoal Plus Size Nylon/Lycra Footless Tights Advertisements

Bright Sidewalks

Terra McBride of Stylish White Female Wearing: We Love Colors Navy Crochet Fishnets over Light Pink Microfiber Tights

With and Without

Kasia of Jestem Kasia Wearing: We Love Colors Black Solid Color Thigh Highs

Familiar Faces

Rachel of Mousevox Vintage Wearing: We Love Colors Mocha Microfiber Tights I’m often amazed at how many friends I have made from the blogging community. In nearly every city that I’ve traveled to this year, I’ve been able to connect with like minded girls from different parts of the country and each of these experiences…

Superhero in Socks

Kaylah of The Dainty Squid Wearing: We Love ColorsMicrofiber Tights in lavender and Nylon Socks in peach I wore the purple ones out first, with the socks! I felt like a super hero, it was wonderful.  Despite a kitty jumping up on my lap (thanks ray ray) they didn’t snag. I obviously wouldn’t wear them around the house…

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Apple of Your Eye

Amber Rose of Modest June Wearing: We Love Colors Black Microfiber Tights

Off to Gossip Girl

Keiko of Keiko Lynn Wearing: We Love Colors Black Microfiber Tights Yesterday, I went out looking like I was going to a casting for Gossip Girl. You know, sometimes that just happens and I roll with it. To further embrace the schoolgirl silliness of it all, I purchased and amazing panda hat and switched before…

Bree Says Relax

Bree of BreeSays Wearing: We Love Colors Brown Diamondnet Fishnets

Victorian Whimsy

Amy of Amy Uhrich Wearing: We Love Colors Ivory Microfiber Tights I’m always on the lookout for the perfect white summer dress, and this one fit the bill – although next year I might go for something more whispy and, er, slightly longer.  I can’t resist eyelet though, so I loved this. I actually wore my…

Color Riot

Louise of Coffee and a Cardigan Wearing: We Love Colors Royal Microfiber Tights Let’s talk about this array of frippery. I know that today’s Casual Friday ensemble could easily be worn by a fabulous 80-year-old woman. In fact, I am keeping this outfit until then so I can rock for my grandkids. The chunky belt…

Wake Up, Little Suzie

Sarah of The Ocean in your Bedroom Wearing: We Love Colors Baby Blue Nylon/Lycra Tights


Georgina of Cupcake’s Clothes Wearing: We Love Colors Navy Plus Size Nylon/Lycra Tights I decided to go down the clashing prints route, I know not everyone will approve, but oh well, I only dress for myself!

Scout’s Honor

Kendi of Kendi Everyday Wearing: We Love Colors Dusty Green Solid Color Nylon Socks Let’s be honest, I’ve got a little bit of a girl scout look going on here. Troop Beverly Hills to be exact. Only because Jenny Lewis would be in my troop and we could swap clothes.

Laid Back Sunday

Beatrice of Dear Beatrice Wearing: We Love Colors Hunter Green Microfiber Tights

Abstract Prints

Sally of Already Pretty Wearing: We Love Colors Rust Nylon Socks

Jump In

Kendi of Kendi Everyday Wearing: We Love Colors Grey Thigh Highs worn as knee highs