My Favorite Things

Sarah of The Ocean In Your Bedroom Wearing: We Love Colors Mint Green Nylon/Lycra Solid Color Tights Advertisements

No Occasion

Brittany of Finders Keepers Wearing: We Love Colors Light Tan Nylon Socks Anyways, this is just a casual outfit I wore when I was starting to feel a little sick. I just wanted something comfy and cozy and this outfit did the trick!


Louise of Coffee and a Cardigan Wearing: We Love Colors Navy Microfiber Tights Who knew fashion and poetry went together so well? I know I’m in good company when my blogger friends’ knowledge of literature extends beyond Twilight. Nothing against Edward and Bella, but they aren’t the end-all be-all of bookage. Speaking of books, what do…

Nowhere Better

Zeolite Fuhrman of Explicit.Rex Wearing: We Love Colors Ivory Vertical Striped Thigh Highs

Hands Away

Zoe Deluge of Grand Theft Thrift Wearing: We Love Colors Pastel Mint Solid Color Knee Highs

Not So Cool

Diya of In Her Stilettos Wearing: We Love Colors Teal Microfiber Tights The cool thing about the weather here in Austin (or maybe NOT so cool? har..har..) is that it’s still 85ish degrees from noon till sundown. Thus I can wear my new jackets/blazers in the morning/night and still get away with summery outfits as…

Raggedy Ann

Charlene of Toast with Charmalade Wearing: We Love Colors Black Nylon/Lycra Tights

Electric Youth

Tauret of Afro Titty Wearing: We Love Colors Neon Blue Leggings Please note: We are currently out of stock in our leggings and hope to be restocked soon. Be sure to “like” (or love!) us on Facebook to stay posted on the status of our leggings.

The Long Way Home

Kerti of Kertiii Wearing: We Love Colors Black Crochet Fishnets The weather has been so perfect these past few days – warm and sunny, and now that it’s autumn the trees are changing color and everything is just so magical. So Annu and me got together a few days back and were faced with the…

Fall Florals

Rachel A. via her Twitter Wearing: We Love Colors Scout Green Solid Color Tights

Back to Basics

Ragini of A Curious Fancy Wearing: We Love Colors Ivory Nylon Socks for me, that is a cute dress, collar and heels. i think till date i’ve never had an outfit which did not have any lace. wow. i find the look very victorian inspired – i feel like a victorian doll. i wore something…

Retro Lime

Natalie of A Hat and White Gloves Wearing: We Love Colors Maize Crochet Fishnets

Classic Energy

Chelsea of Tea Talk Wearing: We Love Colors Dusty Green Microfiber Tights

New Day, Same Sun

Sandra Jayne of Pretty Pride Wearing: We Love Colors Scarlet Red Microfiber Tights