You Live in a Zoo

we love colors

Charlene Choi of Toast with Charmalade

Wearing: We Love Colors Red Nylon/Lycra Tights

This outfit was sort of a throw-on deal: I basically put together the classic elements that I liked as part of “dressing up.” I also realized that there’s a certain color palette that I’m innately drawn to– mostly that of white, black, and a pop of color that’s usually red. As that certain punchline goes, black+white+red are probably one of my favorite color combinations, especially to wear (clearly). Like Elle Woods, I think it’s great to have your signature set of color(s), but it’s good to branch out into new territories. But you know, fashion ultimately is feeling confident in what you’re wearing, and I felt confident in my birthday suit (teeheehee, see what I did there).


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