Intergalactic Glitter

Trendsetter: Diana K. of CRUEL THING Wearing: We Love Colors Silver Lurex Glitter Tights Advertisements


Trendsetter: Sandra of 5 Inch and up Wearing: We Love Colors Light Tan and Ivory Solid Color Thigh Highs

Sweaters and Stripes

Trendsetter: Lida Mankovski of Fashionista Talk Wearing: We Love Colors Navy Zebra Mini Dress

A Splash of Black

Trendsetter: Tuuli of Fallie’s Scrapbook Wearing: We Love Colors #7205 Splash Microfiber Tights

Dance, Dance

Trendsetter: Natalie of Definatalie Wearing: We Love Colors Pastel Mint Plus Size Nylon/Lycra Tights

A Chambray Kind of Day

Trendsetter: Annie C. of Time Enough For Drums Wearing: We Love Colors Orchid Pink Sheer Knee Highs I did have to do some improvising, considering I don’t own any turquoise thigh-highs, but I tried to keep the spirit of Laura’s styling idea as present as I could with bright pink knee-highs, a skinny black belt,…

Sales and Trails

Trendsetter: Anya of oui, je suis Wearing: We Love Colors Black Microfiber Tights

Friend In Fashion

Trendsetter: Jasmin of Friend in Fashion Wearing: We Love Colors Long Sleeve Scoop Neck Leotard in Light Pink and We Love Colors Nylon Socks in Neon Blue.

My Purple Shoes

Trendsetter: Aristobrat of Style Magnet Wearing: We Love Colors Lavender Microfiber Tights

Light My Fire

Trendsetter: Emma Lucey of Spin Dizzy Fall Wearing: We Love Colors Lilac Microfiber Tights Me playing with fire, goofing around whilst shooting the new vintage collection going online this week (Thursday). Thought I’d show you guys a little sneak peek. Vintage velvet dress…

Hello Brooklyn

Trendsetter: Sarah Louise of Tzipporit: A Blog of No Importance Wearing: We Love Colors Black Microfiber Tights


Trendsetter: Kate Maggie of Postcards From Wearing: We Love Colors Maroon Solid Color Thigh Highs Dear friends, picture this : Im on the upper deck of the ship and a boat cruises by, with about 5 men staring at me probably wondering “What on EARTH is that girl doing?”, then a crew that lives on…

Wishing for the World

Trendsetter: Blondie of My Street Sweets Wearing: We Love Colors Ivory Nylon Socks

Under the Influence

Trendsetter: Kristin J. of Le Proust Vintage Wearing: We Love Colors Pastel Mint Nylon Socks The goal of my Under the Influence series is to demonstrate how my style inspiration for any given week translates into my own wardrobe. Here I chose to add the element of lace to achieve a more doll-like, Lolita aesthetic,…


Trendsetter: Rebecca Stice of The Clothes Horse Wearing: We Love Colors Spruce Green Microfiber Tights My outfit today is rather an odd hodgepodge of winter and spring pieces. My vintage fur collar always makes me feel rather decadently bourgeois, while I fear I look positively ragamuffin. Still, I’m wearing a floral dress and milkmaid braids,…

Springtime Transformation

Trendsetter: Annie C. of Time Enough for Drums Wearing: We Love Colors Violet Sheer Knee Highs My wardrobe crisis solved!  With the help of their Violet Sheer Knee Highs, I’m able to transform a dress, usually best suited for cold seasons, into a Spring-friendly ensemble by swapping out my usual go-to tights for some sporty socks instead.  Thus, I’m…

Beware of Scissors

Trendsetter: Jamee Dyches of Confessions of a Marc Addict Wearing: We Love Colors #7214 Splash Microfiber Tights cut to biker shorts