Cameras Flash

Trendsetter: Zeolite Fuhrman of Explicit.Rex Wearing: We Love Colors Ivory Vertical Striped Thigh Highs Advertisements


Trendsetter: Rebecca Stice of The Clothes Horse Wearing: We Love Colors Hunter Green Microfiber Tights As you might be able to tell from the water marks on my tights, I fell into the Sound while taking these pictures. The soles of secondhand shoes are not the best for adventuring.

Pink Power

Trendsetter: Doe Deere of Doe Deere Blogazine Wearing: We Love Colors Scarlet Red Microfiber Tights

Sir Mix-A-Lot

Trendsetter: Kristina Wong of Dreamecho Wearing: We Love Colors Kelly Green Nylon Socks

Launch Party

Trendsetter: Michelle Koesnadi of Glisters and Blisters Wearing: We Love Colors Pastel Mint Microfiber Tights layered with sheer black tights

Artistic Mod

Trendsetter: Sarah Louise of Tzipporit: A Blog of No Importance Wearing: We Love Colors Teal Microfiber Tights I wanted to be comfy so I wore this grey sack dress. Since it’s so billowy and short it begs for colourful accessories, as you can tell by how often I wear this thing. Little black dress? Pfft….

Bookshelves and Socks

Trendsetter: Adeline Rapon of Adeline Rapon Wearing: We Love Colors Ivory Nylon Socks

Painless Pastels

Trendsetter: Kaitlin Isabella of Buffalo Stance Wearing: We Love Colors Pastel Mint Microfiber Tights I’m obsessed with Chanel mint green nail polish at the moment so these tights fit perfectly into my spring pallete. Because of the bright hue I wanted to pair it down with a simple yet structured dress.

Hometown Glory

Trendsetter: Breanne Sewards of Le Flattery Wearing: We Love Colors Ivory Nylon/Lycra Tights

Sunny Side Up Please

Trendsetter: Raez A. of Cheap Thrills Wearing: We Love Colors Neon Orange Nylon Socks

Lace and Frills

Trendsetter: Breanne Seward of Le Flattery Wearing: We Love Colors Baby Blue Nylon/Lycra Tights Today I decided to style this sheer dress from Miss Patina. I fell in love when I saw it – but unfortunately it was sold out so they kindly sent me the sample garment, and it was perfect. There are so many…

Floral Explosion

Trendsetter: Jenni Austin of Pixie in Pumps Wearing: We Love Colors Rubine Microfiber Tights I am not sure if I’m sold on the mixing of patterns here… but I do like how it turned out… Breaking it up with the wide black belt I think makes it less overwhelming, and the two floral patterns being…

Moody Day

Trendsetter: Dajana Mesovic of Le Flassh Wearing: We Love Colors Light Grey Thigh Highs worn as socks the weather is so moody today, as we were taking these it looked like it was going to rain but thank god it didn’t in the end. i was hoping for some sunshine so i can go test…

Modern Twist

Trendsetter: Xiaoxi Zhang of It is Nancy’s New Blog Wearing: We Love Colors Mint Green Vertical Striped Thigh Highs Inspired by Chinese tranditional outfit of Tang Dynasty and hongkong 80s movie “An Amorous Woman Of Tang Dynasty” ,I used some Chinese elements to decorate,It looks much shorter than orginal outfit more look like Japanese elements.

Yellow Legs and Pink Socks

Trendsetter: Zoe Deluge of Grand Theft Thrift Wearing: We Love Colors Light Pink Solid Color Thigh Highs as socks The first of a series of shoots in the same theme, very 70’s, early 80’s inspired, all over LA. And this outfit (partially put together by my boyfriend! he loves dressing me) had a certain quality…

Ivory Porches

Trendsetter: Renée Sturme of Fashion Fillers Wearing: We Love Colors Ivory Microfiber Tights

A Little Bit of Fringe

Trendsetter: Meghan Smolka of Out of Order Wearing: We Love Colors Scarlet Red Microfiber Tights More rain = more color! I felt like punching it up a bit today. Someone asked me if this was my family’s plaid (no it isn’t, but I kind of wish I could go to Scotland) and if my legs…